The Seltron brand has its roots in Space Coast Computers, Inc (SCCI), a trailblazing company established in 1979 during the nascent stages of the Internet. SCCI distinguished itself through its expertise in technical support and comprehensive computer services. As part of its evolution, SCCI transitioned to the online realm, adopting the name and expanding its offerings to include custom programming and web development services.

In a pivotal development in 2015, Seltron underwent a transformation, becoming Seltron LLC, while Space Coast Computers, Inc closed its chapter. This marked a significant milestone in the brand's journey, solidifying its position as a dynamic entity in the tech and web development landscape.

Today Seltron LLC specializes in:

Custom purpose hardware, software applications, internet services, and consulting.

Website Designs and Web Hosting Services for Businesses of All Sizes.

Custom database software development and management. provides Web Site Hosting, Development, and Full Network Support for your business.

Business Services

Experience in setting Windows Domain Group Computer Security Policies for CIS and basic HIPAA compliance.

Products range from online monitoring systems to custom invoice and billing systems for small independent business.


Manufacturing wireless sensors with

Building wireless sensors to measure temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Sensors to alert on water leaks, motion detection, plus window and door sensors. Designed with a wide range of applications, Enthusiastic hobby developers can create their own security system, or simply monitor the temperatures in a fish tank.

Located in Columbia, Kentucky USA.

Supporting our Community both local and Nation wide

Columbia, Kentucky- Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce

People of Seltron

Glenn Seaton, President.

David Seaton, Vice President.

Kat Seaton, Technical support and Web developer in training